Your Local Chicago Solar Installer

Good Electric, Inc. A full service electrical contracting company that will plan and install your photo voltaic system at your home or business reducing your dependence on electricity generated using coal or nuclear power thus reducing your ongoing costs and your carbon footprint.


Good Electric, Inc. has expanded our services to include an online store to provide Energy Efficient products and Solar equipment for consumers and contractors. Please feel free to browse our products with our online catalog.
Good Electric, Inc. has provided quality electrical work for residential and commercial customers since 1996. We provide prompt, dependable installation and repair work. Please visit our Services Section for more details about our Services.

Good Electric, Inc. believes all consumers should reduce their carbon footprint. Would you believe the average home burns the equivalent of 5 tons of coal per year for electrical power? Good Electric, Inc. takes the approach to first reduce your energy consumption before considering installing solar power on your home or business. For every dollar you invest in energy efficiency you will save $3.00 to $5.00 on the cost of an installed solar power system.

Our featured item, the EcoPower4 unit, can improve your home’s power factor to 98%, increasing the effective use of your electricity and helping to eliminate wasted electrical consumption from most motorized appliances. This unit protects your electronic devicesĀ and appliances from voltage spikes andĀ incorporates dual-mode surge suppression. It is an environmentally friendly product that helps protect the earth by reducing the amount of electricity you use.

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